Neil MacNaughton

Pieces of the Trip
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

Broken Caliber

After the Ashes
Co-Recorded, Mastered

Whiskey Epiphany

Old Story
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered

The Gardeners

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered

Movie Soundtrack

The Return of God Vol I
Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed

Confidential Records

Room Service

Once in a While

Carl Conn & Marilyn Gibson

Volition Aire

Presented In Widescreen
Written, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered

Geoff Knight

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered


Wednesday Nights- EP Recorded, Mixed & Mastered


Charlie was responsible for writing a monthly column in SNAP Oakville to report about the local music scene. Charlie has lots of contacts in the community and is always happy to help promote young artists to gain them exposure. Charlie is very approachable and is easy to deal with.
Travis Riggin - Owner SNAP Oakville

Charlie is a pleasure to work with. He provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that sets me at ease and allows me to focus on my performance. Charlie is efficient and accurate - the guy has amazing ears! - so each time I've hired him, I've walked away with a product that makes me proud.
Neil MacNaughton

When I think of Charlie Jacklin, 3 words come to mind... skill, passion & dedication. A true professional who will make you feel right at home in the studio... that level of comfort & confidence is crucial for a natural, seamless sound.
Breeze Romain

Charlie blends a great balance of professionalism and fun. Not only does he somehow bring out the best performance in me, he makes you laugh while making you work damn hard.
Dave Toms

I have yet to meet someone that possesses the same blend of music recording expertise, technical mastery... attention to detail and (most importantly) patience. If not for Charlie our music projects would still be in the unrealized, poorly conceived dream phase. The lucky few that end up recording with Charlie will come away from the experience with a sonic product that surpasses any of their previous efforts, renewed faith and confidence in their musical talents and a new best friend in music creation. Thanks Charlie - we couldn't have done it without you.
Ashley Beattie

In 2012 Whiskey Epiphany recorded our first album with Charlie at Kerr Village Productions. Working with Charlie was fantastic! We could work at a pace that kept the energy up in the room, and once we started we never stopped. It was easy booking sessions week to week, and even day to day. As for quality of the final product ('s amazing. Charlie had great ideas at every turn, and was open to trying any and all crazy sounding ideas we had. Can't wait to start on the next one.
Mike Gravitis

I met him through a friend and I knew that he was the guy. Ashley Beattie and I had planned The Return of God CD over a year before Charlie became involved in the project, if it were not for him we would have never finished. He settled every argument, he solved every problem and he went above and beyond the call of duty... I consider him a dear friend and I would recommend him to anyone for recording, mixing and mastering. Thanks for everything.
S. William Wallace

Charlie came through for us in a pinch and provided us with a great mastering of our CD. He was not happy until we were happy, and he consulted us throughout the entire process. We found Charlie to be very conscientious, committed, and driven to please his customers.
Susan Deem

Working with Charlie Jacklin at Kerr Village Productions was a great experience for me as a starting artist. I had been having a lot of trouble breaking away from the habit of writing songs with a similar sound and Charlie helped me refine my work in a direction I would have never thought possible. The experience of working directly with him in the studio was both fun and very informative. I never realized the amount of effort that had to go into lining up all the layers of a song perfectly, but Charlie pulled it off like a true pro. He went above and beyond and even brought in session artists to help me add more life to the songs. My least favourite song quickly became my favourite after hearing the changes. He managed to transform my work from a melody into real music, and I am greatly looking forward to getting back in the studio with such a talented artist.
Geoff Knight

Working in a studio and trying to create your own music is not an easy thing to do, but with Charlie, it's one of the best experiences. He is quick to understand my vision and puts all his talent into making it even better than I could have imagined it. He pushes you to stay focussed while, at the same time remaining a constant support. Every time we work on a track I always feel confident at the end because he exceeds all my expectations. I am delighted with the work he has done on my debut EP and cannot wait to share what we have created with every one!