The first step in recording is making sure that all of your gear sounds great. For guitarists not only do new strings make the world of difference but also getting a professional setup on your instrument is the best thing you can do for your recording. Intonation problems, especially when playing up the neck, can make a flawless take sound slightly out of tune with other instruments. If it isn't in the budget for a drummer to use new skins on his kit, at the very least he needs to tune his drums. There are many video tutorials online if you can't afford a professional.

When recording instruments we love the depth given by multiple microphones. We have used anywhere between 5 and 11 microphones on a drum kit, some up close for a hypersound, blended with room mics to keep the sound big and natural. We run all mic inputs into a Behringer ADA8000 preamp into Pro Tools.

Recording vocals can be one of the most challenging parts of making a CD. A great warmed up vocalist plus a comfortable atmosphere are the two ingredients of making a good song great. We have several vocal microphones including the Audio Technica 3035 and the A.R.T. M-4 Tube Mic because everyone's voice is different.

At Kerr Village Productions we can track anything from saxophone and voice-overs, to full band projects. Give us a call to book studio time and discuss your project.

Rate: $30/hr     For bigger projects contact us to discuss a possible flat rate.


Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. During this process we are able to manipulate the audio sources signal level, frequencies, dynamics, and panning, while adding effects such as reverb and delay to create space and depth.

Rate:  $30/hr


Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from the source containing the final mix, to the source from which all copies will be produced (duplication/replication).

Mastering requires not only the tools to facilitate the process but also the technical knowledge, critical listening, and an accurate listening environment. Through corrective equalization, dynamic compression, noise reduction, we can make your individual songs sound like a CD that flows from one track to the next.

Rate:  $50/song     For 6 or more songs in the same project: $40/song

Web Design

In today's world, an online presence is mandatory for businesses and artists alike. The first thing anyone looks for when researching a business or an artist is their website. Websites lend credibilty and allow the public to access all available information concerning that business or artist in one convenient place.

Web design features include:
  • Includes graphic design for all lay-outs.
  • Fully responsive for tablets and cell phones.
  • Scalability for the vision impaired.
  • Cross-browser compatibilty.
  • Stores and PayPal integration.
  • Very reasonable webmaster rates.

Clients are consulted at every step of the design process, and a free consultation is provided at the start to determine the client's needs and preferences. View some of our web designs by clicking the icons below:

Rate:  $25/hr     Additional costs such as hosting fees, domain name registration and renewal, PayPal fees, and any other fees required by a third party are not included.